Here at the Societee we are more than ever striving to showcase the beautiful talents our world has to offer. We are now open to collaborations with other artists; from graphic designers, painters, sketch artists, and even personalities- so, if you happen to be one, or know someone, we're looking to WERQ together. 

We also work with shops that would like to carry The Societee Apparel in their store: offering competitive discounts on bulk orders.

We are also happy to create a merchandise collaboration with other businesses. 



If you have work that you think would be a great fit for a collaboration with us, such as an image you have created in any medium, we will take it and transform it in to fashion.

From clothing, to accessories, we'll bring your artwork to the every day lives of people. Why let your art stay on a wall or in a sketch book when you can let it out in to the world as absolutely sickening looks. 

You'll receive a portion of all profits made from your collaboration with us (minus the cost of production and running costs.)

If this is you, shoot us a message at for more information at:

You can also message us via our live chat located at the bottom of our shop screen. 


Are you in the entertainment industry and looking to serve a sickening fashion collaboration?

We work with artists to create a unique collection of items to share with your fans and followers.

We also make one of a kind garments for any occasion you may need one for. 

Check out our BOBO X SOCIETEE collection to see an example of our merchandise collaborations. 

If this is you, shoot us a message for more info at

You can also message us via our live chat located at the bottom of our shop screen.