Christopher James has enjoyed working on creative projects since the age of eight when he started writing short stories and doing sketches. All of his design and creative knowledge is self taught. 

               Having experience in writing four novels, working in photography, modelling, and graphic design, and marketing; Chris decided to take all of his passions and put them in to The Societee Apparel. 

              Christopher has spent the last decade travelling the globe in order to learn about cultures other than his own, and to see the perspectives of those around him, he decided to share what he learned- through both written and visual art.

              As a proud member of the LGBTQ+, Scoliosis and Autistic Communities, Chris likes to make sure to shine a light on his 'family' through all of his works whenever possible. That is why you will notice this collection of fashion, art, and decor is all inclusive to everyone. 

              Each piece is hand made with care- and a little shady humour to bring a bit of laughter, and introspection to daily life. 

You can reach out to Christopher through social media: